My name is Brian Holmon-Wilson, I’m the founder and owner of New Amsterdam Pet Service. I founded New Amsterdam Pet Service so I can bring my deep knowledge and experience in veterinary medicine and compassion for guardians and their pets to my community and our pets on a daily basis. My approach helps to foster a stronger connection between guardians and pets and allows me to deliver exceptional care for animals.


I have a special aptitude in relaying complicated medical information with passion, love, and care to the guardians of the animals. I not only love animals, but I seem to find a special connection with the main caregiver of the pet. In the end, I believe this delivers better care for animals.


Why we Are A Better Choice

Small company with quality service

Experienced Veterinary Technician

Experience with animal behavior and training

Detailed communication with clients

Dog and cat emergency first aid and CPR certified

No more than four dogs will be walked together


Brian at New Amsterdam Pet Services offers exceptional pet care for our Boston Terrier, Archie. Brian has been walking Archie since he was a puppy and does an excellent job tailoring his visits to put Archies' current needs first.


Brian has helped us improve Archie's leash training and his daily walk updates help us check up on Archie while we are at work. Brian is nothing short of spectacular and has a gift with dogs.